The Neighbourhood Plan

What kind of place do we want to live in for the next 20 years?

A Neighbourhood Plan provides a great opportunity for us to have more influence in how Poynton will change over time. Our local knowledge, and our sense of what needs to be held on to and what needs to change, can really make a difference. Our challenge is to keep Poynton as a thriving community that can grow at the right pace to the right size. A place fit for the mid-21st Century. How can we develop Poynton's distinct identity - a town centre with ‘a village feel’, a definite green boundary, shops, services, transport and employment that reflect the size and needs of the population?

Poynton Now

Poynton is a small town, comprising around 6,000 houses and flats, and with a population of over 15,000. In the 40 years to 1986 Poynton doubled in size with an average of 80 new houses being built every year. In the last 10 years there have been far fewer houses built - often only 4 or 5 per year. Poynton's population is on average older, better qualified and better off than the average for Cheshire East. The people who became new house owners on Poynton's big estates have grown older as have their children. House prices are above the average for Cheshire East, and increasingly beyond the reach of younger people. About 3000 people (residents and non-residents) work in Poynton. Additionally, many Poynton residents commute to work in the nearby towns, notably Stockport and Manchester. Poynton is surrounded by Green Belt - the boundary is drawn tightly around the town. People appreciate the benefits offered by access to the countryside from Poynton. This is true both for people who live here and for visitors. The Shared Space scheme has already improved the way we can get around Poynton. Planned new roads to the South and North of Poynton will create new travel patterns and perhaps new opportunities for business in the town.

Population and Housing Demand

The UK's population is set to grow by 10% in the next 20 years (and by 13% in Cheshire East). This population growth will have an impact on all areas of the country - including Poynton. The number of people in Poynton of retirement age is likely to increase from around 3,500 to around 5,000. Overall, population growth will increase the demand for housing. The minimum number of new homes to be built in Poynton in the present draft of the Cheshire East Local Plan is 200. In Woodford, a development of 950 new houses has been given planning permission by Stockport Council. Policies within the existing and emerging new Local Plan for Cheshire East Council aim to protect the Green Belt around Poynton from new housing and many other forms of built development. Poynton is a popular location and both landowners in the area and house builders wish to increase the supply of housing including the use of land currently designated as Green Belt. The Neighbourhood Plan provides an opportunity for residents to influence the amount, location, type and tenure of any new housing which needs to be built over the next 20 years.

The Green Belt

The Green Belt helps separate Poynton from the urban sprawl of Stockport and other built-up areas. It extends right to the edge of the built-up area of Poynton. The Green Belt's purposes are to stop urban sprawl, to safeguard the countryside, and to help maintain the identity of rural communities.
It is very important that we have a good plan for our Green Belt.