We need your views!

While both Poynton Neighbourhood Plan surveys have provided some valuable information, respondents on both occasions have tended to be mainly from our older residents. While those views are of course important we need to ensure that we get a balance of opinion from all age groups, and would therefore like residents aged between 20 to 40 years old to come forward with their views. You can be single, in young family groups, couples, or single parents.

Two focus groups are planned to be held in mid-May, and the commitment would be for a two/three hour session. These can be held during a weekday evening, with say a 6pm start, when a buffet would be served, or on a Saturday morning, with coffee and pastries. If you are interested please e-mail the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group - neighbourhoodplan@outlook.com and indicate whether you prefer a weekday or weekend session. Please do help us to shape Poynton's future.

Neighbourhood Plan: New Consultation, Feb 2016

Our first survey was conducted from the end of January to February 27th and to 17th April 2015 on-line. Printed surveys were distributed with the Poynton Post. The on-line survey was promoted via the Town Council email newsletter (PUN) and other means.

The results of this first survey along with other evidence gathering have been fed into the work of the Neighbourhood Plan team.

This second consultation was about the policies we want to develop in more detail in the plan. The exhibition was held from Sat 6th Feb to Sat 13th Feb

Click here to see our policies consultation & exhibition and a copy of FAQs

Neighbourhood Plan Survey

The survey was conducted from the end of January to February 27th and to 17th April on-line. Printed surveys were distributed with the Poynton Post. The on-line survey was promoted via the Town Council email newsletter (PUN) and other means.

There were 979 written responses and 979 on-line responses, 1524 total.

The written responses were all input to the on-line system by volunteers, hence the need to keep the on-line system open whilst this task was completed.

The on-line system has been re-opened so that we can elicit more responses from younger members of the community. 17.6% of respondents were 44years of age or under, 36.9% ages 45-64 years, and 45.5% 65 years and over.

A summary of the survey results was displayed at the Civic Hall on 16th May, and the display charts follow.

The display chart can be downloaded here

What Happens Next? At each stage we will hold open consultations with the Poynton-with-Worth community.

The Poynton Neighbourhood Plan team thanks all those residents who took the time and trouble to complete the Neighbourhood Plan survey, either on paper or on line.

Well over 1,500 Poynton Neighbourhood Plan surveys were submitted, representing around 25% of Poynton households. Inputting on line of the written surveys has now been completed - many thanks to all those volunteers involved.

The survey results will be fed into the work that the volunteer team is undertaking to investigate the key topics for the first phase of our Neighbourhood Plan. These are Housing, Green Belt and Environment, Built Environment and Town Centre, Transport and other Infrastructure, Health and Well being and Business and the Local Economy.

The Neighbourhood Plan team would still welcome surveys to be completed by younger residents (online only) to correct a slight imbalance in the age groups of those who responded, so if you belong to that younger age group and can help please access the survey via this website.

There will be an open morning/ exhibition at the Civic Hall from 10am to noon on Saturday 16th May to provide feedback to residents on the results, as well as to share the proposed vision and objectives for the Neighbourhood Plan.

We're asking you to spend at most an hour of your time to help us shape Poynton for the next 20 years. Poynton-with-Worth Town Council has decided to sponsor a Neighbourhood Plan. It is being prepared by a team of volunteers and it has to look at the development of Poynton over the next 20 years.

It's the first time communities like ours have had the opportunity to prepare our own Plan. Let's use our local knowledge, and our sense of what needs to be held on to and what needs to change, to really make a difference. The result will be local policies for housing, the Green Belt, roads, and other facilities.

You will be asked to vote on the Plan once it is written. If 50% or more of those who respond to the local referendum vote in favour of the Plan it will be adopted by Cheshire East Council and will influence planning policies and decisions that affect Poynton.

This Survey is just the first stage in preparing the Plan. It's important that as many people as possible who live in Poynton take the opportunity to say what they think about the future of Poynton. So, please take part and make sure you tell us what you think!

You can fill in the survey online or it can be downloaded as a pdf to be handed in at the Civic Hall or Poynton Library by February 27th.

remaining until the deadline.

How do I complete the survey?

Go straight to the online survey here or fill in the printed survey that came with the Poynton Post
You can also download an extra print copy here

Please refer to the maps below when filling out the survey. Click on an image to enlarge it, then click again to hide it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who was involved?

The survey was mainly written by the Evidence Team. The volunteer group, the Planning Committee of the Town Council and several others made suggestions about questions, question order, wording and other aspects of the survey. The survey was tested by about 30 people prior to the final print version.

How did you decide on the questions?

The main question topics - housing, the green belt, transport/traffic and wellbeing - were the focus of previous consultations among Poynton residents and key parts of the Cheshire East Local Plan. We also want to get people to think as broadly as possible about what they want for Poynton for the next 20 years.

I'm a volunteer and I'm disappointed my suggestions haven't been included.

There have been many changes (hundreds!) to the survey from the first draft. Many of these were minor revisions of wording, but there have also been significant changes to some questions and the order in which they appear. We have looked at every single suggestion and taken up many of them within the survey. All the comments were really valuable and appreciated.

Why don't the questions give us the option of saying 'no development at all'?

First, whatever we do must conform with the minimum requirements in the current version of the Local Plan from Cheshire East. That Plan states a minimum of 200 houses over the 20 year period, and any changes to this are likely to increase that requirement. 'No development' is not an option. Second, in looking at the options for a bigger numbers of houses, we need to have a Plan that prioritises use of the Green Belt, if need be. This will give positive influence and guidance to planning officers, developers and others about the way in which we expect houses to be developed around Poynton.

I can't think of anything to write in the questions asking for my opinion or my ideas.

You don't have to complete these questions. They're there so you have the opportunity to give us extra feedback.

Some questions don't cover the topic very well

Some topics do need a much more detailed appraisal. The survey will give us a broad understanding of how people view specific topics, but it can't cover everything in depth. We have the opportunity to follow up over the coming months. Remember the survey is just one part of the evidence we need.

The answers are obvious. Why ask some of these questions?

We may think we know the answer to some of the questions. However, to have a Plan that will carry weight in the planning and development process we need evidence. So being able to show what proportion of people hold a particular opinion is part of that evidence.

How will the survey be used?

The survey is just one part of the evidence we are collecting. The survey will tell us what the weight of opinion is on the topics covered. It will also provide us with information about what other topics Poynton residents think are important and should be looked at as a part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

How will the results be analysed?

All the surveys on-line and paper will be collated through the on-line system. The system will produce both graphical outputs and data on spreadsheets. We will look at responses by postcodes and by age groups, among other factors.
There are a number of questions that ask people to write in a response if they wish. We will group these by topic/character of the response.

Who's the survey aimed at?

All Poynton residents. Anyone over 14 should have a go if they wish. The survey isn't designed for younger age groups or for groups with special interests such as the business community. We need to make sure that these groups have the opportunity to express their views in parallel.

Could I be identified personally?

No. We ask for postcodes to validate responses - but these cover up to 80 houses at a time.

Will you be conducting more surveys?

That's yet to be decided but it's possible we will design some smaller surveys for special interest groups. There will also be more evidence gathering by other means, and investigating in greater depth topics such as the Green Belt, demand for services (health, education), transport and so on.
All of the evidence will contribute to the drafting of those policies that will eventually be included in the Neighbourhood Plan as submitted for approval.